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Skin & Hair Specialist - Metamorphosis Clinic at Ghatkopar

We at Metamorphosis Clinic are one of the leading providers of skin care, hair care, and obesity treatment services. We work in the Ghatkopar area as well as the rest of Mumbai. Our specialists are experts when it comes to cosmetic treatments across the body. We know and understand the fact that how you look plays a major role to play when it comes to your life. It is a lot more important than what others would realize. Our professionals have immense experience in this particular regard especially when it comes to treating patients. We know that if you look bad or not as good as you wish to it leads to emotional problems such as diffidence and low self-esteem.

People trust us
We have been outstandingly successful with all our treatments. This is the reason why around 85 percent of our clients keep coming back to us and rebook our services.
Around 90 percent of our clients recommend us to others as well. So, as you can see, we are as good as we claim to be. So, you need not wait any longer to get rid of your cosmetic issues. It does not matter what you want to look better – it could be weight loss treatment, stretch mark removal treatment, or pimple scars treatment – we would be able to provide it to you. You can always come to us with different problems and you can be sure that we would solve it for you. We would help you keep your cosmetic issues at bay.

Pimple Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

skin whitening treatment

Weight loss Treatment

Hair Transplant Treatment

Laser Hair Removal
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We can help you

However, we can help you in this regard for sure. You can trust our specialists to treat you with the maximum possible care. For this not only would they look at your present condition they would take into account your medical history as well. If you are looking for a reliable clinic that offers the most detailed cosmetic treatment this is where your search should end. We at Metamorphosis are really serious about our name. We would not rest till the time your metamorphosis from a worried soul dealing with cosmetic issues to someone who cannot help but feel luminous at all times is complete.

What People Say

Our satisfied clients are our best spokespeople. Below, you can read testimonials written by current and former patients of Metamorphosis who have experienced the difference we can make in their lives. If you would like to submit a testimonial of your own about your experience with Metamorphosis, please contact us today.

The treatments that we offer

We offer a whole range of treatments. The best among them may be mentioned as below:

  • pimple treatment
  • pigmentation treatment
  • skin whitening treatment
  • weight loss treatment
  • hair transplant treatment
  • laser hair removal

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