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Get Rid Of The Baldness With The Non-Surgical Hair Treatment

With the help of nonsurgical hair bonding in Delhi, you would be able to get natural hair within the span of just 2 hours. Normally, this technique is used when you only have hair in back and side areas of your head and the crown and front are empty, or almost on the way to being there. Hair replacement is also supposed to be a major option for people who suffer from a diverse array of scalp and hair related issues such as alopecia universalis and alopecia totalis. In such kinds of treatments hair units made up of natural hair are inserted in order to cover the bald patches.

How do these systems work?

As far as hair replacement in Delhi is concerned these methods happen to be the best way in which you can get your hair back. They need the least amount of time and are also the most detailed way for you to get your hair back. Once the hair unit is fixed the clinic then determines the hairstyle that would be suitable for you. It could be done on the basis of your earlier style or as per your personality. Normally, there are a few methods that are used in this case.

Bonding method

The first among these is the bonding method. In this case, glue is used on the unit’s border and then fixed with the scalp. If you go for this method you would have to visit the clinic at least once a month in order to maintain and service the unit.

Hair Weaving

In this particular method, the unit is weaved with your natural hair. In this case, only a thread is used to make a thin base. You need to maintain and service such units after periods of 45 to 50 days.

Clipping method

This is also known as micro-wefting. In this particular method, the hair unit is locked with the hair that you have by using clips that have been designed especially for such work. These clips are capable of holding around 5 to 7 strands of existing hair. They can be maintained quite easily and you do not need really need professional help or follow up to service or maintain them. This method can also be described as an external and topical type of cosmetic attachment. This is the reason why it comes without any side effect at all. You will be easily able to manage these units in your everyday life.

In fact, you can shampoo, style, and color such hair just as you wish to. These units happen to be complete net bases by themselves and the hair is normally knotted in that particular net. The net is really soft and transparent. This means that air and water can pass through such net really easily. These units feature a coating border made from PU (polyurethane). This is where the clips or glues are placed. In case of weaving, this is where the weaving is done.

Suffice to say, you can always trust these processes to give you the best possible results.

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10 Sep 2018 Reply

I tried all natural and medical treatments, as i m scared of surgeries and pain, what is solution? Is there any homemade oil or cream without any chemicals?
I want healthy solution. Blog is informative please tell me solution which suits me My age is 35 yrs with no bald genetics problem. My brother having good hair growth no baldness or thinning of hair.
Thanks In Advance.

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