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Hair is one of the most vital features of our face. It enhances our overall appearance and gives us a distinct edge. It is essential to take the utmost care of the hair and ensure optimum health of the same to elevate one’s looks. Many people today are battling several hair-related problems such as hair loss, early baldness, hair greying and much more. It is necessary to give considerable attention to hair problems and opt for efficient solutions to get lustrous, bouncy, and good hair texture.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is one of the most advanced treatments for hair problems. It accelerates the healing process and helps to restore hair growth. PRP hair treatment has worked wonders and has helped several people to regain and restore their hair in 3 to 6 sessions. PRP treatment uses platelets and plasma to strengthen the hair follicles and achieve the desired results.

Now let us see,

 How does PRP treatment work?

Platelet and Plasma are two major components of PRP Treatment. It is essential to understand the importance and working of these two important components in order to understand PRP treatment. Platelets are one of the key components of our red and white blood cells. Platelet is the first responder when one gets hurt or wounded. They arrive to stop bleeding as it has regenerative properties and promotes healing. Using this feature as a crust of the treatment, PRP  treatment is devised. The concentrated platelets are extracted and injected in the damaged areas to accelerate their healing. Along with Platelet PRP treatment also uses a number of growth factors and healthy tissues that can restore the hair growth. One of the biggest advantages of PRP hair treatment is its ability to boost your hair growth and help you regain natural hair.At an average 10 ml blood is taken for this procedure.

Effectiveness of PRP hair treatment

PRP treatment is one of the simplest and effective hair treatments. It is widely used by several doctors across the globe to help their patients get the desired hair growth and texture. It has also helped people combat the problem of extensive hair loss and bald spots. PRP hair treatment has no proven side effects or high risks. Since, the blood sample, plasma and platelet are drawn from one’s own blood there are no serious risks or injuries involved. However, one should always be agile and communicate with the doctor concerning your tolerance capacities and allergies before opting for PRP treatment in Mumbai.

How long does PRP treatment last?

PRP treatment once done can provide you desired results for a long period. The doctors plan a schedule for PRP treatment to maintain hair growth and hair quality. So, you may be asked to visit the clinic for Hair PRP treatment in Delhi often for regular PRP injections. Nevertheless, the number of sessions and duration of the PRP hair treatment solely depends upon the condition of the hair, quality of the hair, healing capability, amount of damage and much more.

Why opt for PRP Hair Treatment?

  1. It can help you get natural hair growth.
  2. The treatment is easy and does not involve any complication.
  3. The efficacy of the treatment is exceptional (High success rate).
  4. No injuries or surgical process involved. It is a non surgical procedure.
  5. Painless hair treatment.No downtime.
  6. Cost-effective and less time-consuming treatment.

PRP Hair treatment is one of the best hair treatments that can help you to improve the quality of your hair and regain hair growth. It works closely on the hair follicles and accelerates the hair growth.However, it is very important the way PRP is made,the making technique and tube used plays a vital role in the quality of plasma obtained. Metamorphosis is one of the leading clinics for PRP hair treatment in Mumbai. We use the best combination of our expertise and technology to help our patrons combat hair problems. After all, healthy-looking, voluminous hair is everyone’s dream.

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