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Benefits and Process of Hair Replacement

Hair bestows a unique look to you and your personality. But many times due to various reasons people face the issue of baldness. It’s mainly common among males. Modern science with advanced technology has made possible to grow or replace hair. In the metropolitan cities, you found various clinics such as hair transplant New Delhi and hair weaving New Delhi.

Hair Replacement is done trough simple steps in a non-surgical manner and you can quickly opt for an instant look.

  • Choose a color, density, style, texture or length for your hair system. Hair expert crafts hair system which is readily styled and ready to place.
  • The hair system is placed on your bald area. The base of the hair system lies on your scalp.
  • The hair system is normally made by using polyurethane or lace-type of material. The best hair system is crafted by using human hair. If you are higher on the budget side an excellent hair system with synthetic hair could be crafted.
  • The hair is tied or injected into the base system, creating the finished system. The selection of the system depends on the durability and the look it provides.
  • Finally, the hair system is attached to your scalp. Two methods are used to attach the hair system to the scalp:
  1. Attaching to the existing hair
  2. Sticking on the scalp
  • There are several ways to fix it to your existing hair:
  1. Weaving
  2. Fusion
  3. Cabling beading
  4. Boding

If you want to attach it to your skin, the biologically safe and waterproof adhesive will be used to stick it to your scalp.

After consulting with your hair technician you can opt for the appropriate method for attachment of hair system to the skin.

The hair replacement comes with several benefits:

  • Low cost

The cost of hair replacement is low as the cost of surgery and another treatment is not included in this treatment.

  • Zero surgery

This treatment is free from surgery the hair is just attached to the existing hair by tying or stuck by using adhesive.

  • Instant result

The treatment offers a new enhanced look instantly. The hair system is crafted by the hair technician and the only time required is to place or attach the system on your scalp.

A good option for temporary hair loss

In some cases like the person is under chemotherapy or heavy medication temporarily loses hair. In such circumstances, hair replacement is a good option to opt for.

  • No need for hair donor

The hair system prepared for hair replacement is prepared by using available hairs or synthetic hair. Hence no need to search around for the hair donor.

  • No Pain and Bleeding

The treatment is done with great comfort, unlike a surgical method. As it is a non-surgical method there is no bleeding or need for consumptions of pain killer and antibiotics.

Easily Reversible

In any case, if you are no longer interested to wear the hair replacement, you can easily remove it without any damage to your health.

The hair transplant New Delhi or hair weaving New Delhi will definitely provide you a good hair day and you will be able to spend your life just as before, active and confident.

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