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White Spots And Patches Treatment –


Vitiligo is a condition wherein white patches develop on the skin due to a lack of melanin pigment. It is a chronic disorder and generally long-lasting.
The condition occurs when melanocytes (skin cells that give color to the skin) are damaged by the body’s immune system.
There are 2 types of vitiligo namely bilateral (non-segmental or generalized) and unilateral (segmental or localized) In bilateral vitiligo as the name indicates the symptoms appear as symmetrical white patches on both sides of your body such areas could be your knees, elbows, feet, the skin around eyes, mucous membrane, inner ears, hands, etc. In unilateral vitiligo, the white patches can affect only one area of the body.
Vitiligo may start as a small white patch initially then gradually spread over the body in the course of several months.
Vitiligo occurs in about 1 or 2 percent population and it can occur in all races. It usually occurs at an age between 10 to 35 years and it’s more visible in darker skin people. The condition is not painful although some people may feel the sunburn on light skin.

Treatment Procedure

Consultation to qualify for Melanocyte surgery
Taking melanocytes from hip or thigh and transferring onto visible areas
Skin healing takes place gradually
The skin colour is restored to a great extent in stable vitiligo


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Consultation During consultation your doctor may ask you some questions such as past history of autoimmune condition and/or history of vitiligo running in family , whether you burn or tan easily, if affected skin area got better without treatment or worse and if any treatment done previously. Appropriate treatment would then be suggested that would depend on your body part that is affected and extent of the affected area. Book A Complimentary Consultation

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    Benefits and Results Benefits :Restores skin pigmentation: Good colour match Self confidence builder Safe procedure done under local anaesthesia Most effective modality for stable vitiligo
    Results: The treatment result will vary from patient to patient.. Visible result of any Vitiligo Treatment would be seen after few months.
    Frequenlty Asked Questions

    Allopathy is a far more advanced Treatment for treating vitiligo as compared to alternative medicine.At Metamorphosis we recommend Melanocyte surgery for stable cases as well.

    Although vitiligo has no cure the Treatment would generally help to pause or slow discoloration and work to return some color to your skin thereby making it look less eminent.

    Vitiligo is generally a permanent condition. For some lucky people the pigment may return on its own and white patches go away. This would be in every 1 patient out of 10. But for most the patches spreads or grows larger if not treated.

    Avoidance of exposure to sunlight and usage of good sunscreen. Remember that vitiligo patch does not have melanin so they don’t tan but the patch may develop scar or burn and if your entire body tans ,then the white patch would appear more prominently .

    No there is no way to completely prevent the condition however limiting sun exposure can prevent further damage. The Treatment will generally help to restore the pigment and prevent the patch from spreading.
    Avoid tattooing

    No it is not, but it is more psychologically disturbing as it affects confidence levels.

    No there are some other conditions which may have white spot as one of its symptoms such as calcium deficiency, post inflammatory hypo pigmentation. For this it is advised to visit a dermatologist to get diagnosed correctly.

    It does not spread by touching the affected person as it is not caused by any virus or bacteria.

    This treatment is considered to be most viable,safe and effective method for vitiligo

    Anesthesia is generally given at the beginning of the treatment to avoid pain.

    After the treatment patients should keep the area dry and minimalize movement to avoid the displacement of the dressing. After the removal of dressing which generally happens after 5 to 7 days a second set of instructions would be given by your doctor pertaining to taking care of graft, exposing treated area to minimal sunlight daily in order to stimulate production of pigment and some restrictions regarding shaving or usage of any products.

    A visible repigmentation would be seen between 2 weeks to 3 months after sugery and complete repigmentation can be achieved within 12 to 18 months.However the results will vary from person to person

    The medical term is melanocyte-keratinocyte transplantation procedure (MKTP).
    Basically here the top white patch skin is removed and the healthy melanocyte pigmented cells from other area of the body is harvested and transferred to the area that lost its pigment. The pigment returns to the treated area after 2 to 3 months.
    This surgery is effective but is the least used treatment due to lack of awareness. The benefit of this surgery is that it can cover the larger treatment area from donor to recepient.
    The most suitable candidates for this treatment are those who have the stable disease for more than 6 months specified by lack of new or worsening existing lesions. Patient with segmented vitiligo are better candidates for MKTP treatment because they tend to have a greater chance to achieve higher repigmentation than patient with generalised vitiligo.
    Patients who have keloids, hypertrophic scarring, poor wound healing may not be the right candidate for this surgery.
    The Treatment procedure is very simple. The Treatment is done under anesthesia and takes about 2 to 4 hours depending on the area of skin to be treated and the skin is bandaged after the procedure.
    After the treatment the patient is generally adviced to follow up with the doctor for upto 1,2,3,6,9,12 months in person. Patient can also send photographs if they stay in a different city.

    Synopsis of treatment

    procedure time-4 hours
    full recovery- 6 months
    male or female-both
    Synposis of Melanocyte Transplant
    risks and complications-depigmentation,wrinking,graft displacement,graft rejection.
    back to work-in 48 hours
    duration of results-permanent
    session required-usually 1 is enough



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