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BB Beaming Glow Treatment


Imagine Waking Up With A Flawless Foundation Like Skin. Bb Beaming Glow Treatment Is A Semi-Permanent Skin Treatment. It Involves Microneedling A Pigment(Like Foundation) Onto Your Skin. It Gives You An Immediate Skin Glow And Rejuvenation. It Also Reduces The Effects Of Uneven Skin Tone, Open Pores, Skin Discolouration, Patchiness, Freckles, And Creates A Foundation Applied Look At All Times. One Needs 3 Sessions In Order To See Lasting Results. If You Are Tired Of Daily Applying Foundation And Are Looking For A Safe, Effective And Long Lasting Alternative, Then Our Bb Beaming Glow Is The Right Treatment For You.

Treatment Procedure

Cleansing and scrubbing of the face
Booster serum application
BB beaming glow serum is applied, on top a microneedling device is used
LED mask is put ,along with a peptide cream to seal the procedure.


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    Benefits and Results Benefits: Brighter and whiter skin: Foundation look at all times Glass like sheen and even toned skin Camouflages all facial imperfections including redness and broken capillaries No clogging of pores Treatment is water proof and smudge proof Wide array of colours to choose from Safe treatment as paraben,fragrance and alcohol free
    Results: Visible results are apparent immediately. You will also notice a more even toned skin; brighter and radiant skin; reduction in freckles and skin discolouration; fewer lines and wrinkles. One requires a series of 3 treatments for results to last for 6 months.
    Frequenlty Asked Questions

    The full treatment takes about 2 hours.

    At an average a course of 3 treatments,makes the results last for 6 months.

    It makes your skin brighter and whiter.It also makes your skin even toned.Its waterproof and smudge proof.We have a variety of colours you could choose from.It doesnt clog your pores like other makeup foundation.

    No it will not clog your pores.The serums that we use are non-comedogenic,so dont worry about clogged pores.

    Anyone who has dull,uneven skin tone and texture;hyperpigmentation;acne scars;big pores;freckles;superficial blood vessels.

    Anyone who has blood coagulation disorders;pregnancy;acute infectious disease;psoriasis;active acne;open wounds;epilepsy.

    For 2 days post procedure you can experience some redness and swelling

    Swelling around the eyes may occur,although rarely

    Small red scabs that can last for 3 days

    Day 3 onwards skin may flake a little.

    Yes,if the original BB Beaming Glow solutions are used.As they are free of all parabens,fragrances ,allergens and alcohol.

    There are several brands available which vary in colour,ingredients and quality.At Metamorphosis we use a well known brand called STAYVE.These serums are ideal for all skin types and work well for giving immediate and long lasting results.

    *LIGHT-lightest shades, ideal for people with normal skin tones

    *LIGHT ROSE-Light pink shades, suitable for people with bright skin tones

    *MEDIUM-Medium shade, ideal for people with a medium skin tone

    *DEEP-Dark shade, ideal for people with brown skin or bronze skin tones

    *DEEP PLUS- Darkest Shade, ideal for people with deep skin tones

    SALMON DNA GOLD-Contains PDNR (Skin healing activator), ideal for skin regeneration

    *WHITENING STEM CELL-Contains Plant Stem cell culture, ideal for brightening

    *AC STEM CELL GOLD- Ideal for clients with acne or irritated skin

    *PEPTIDE GOLD-99.9% Pure gold power with ten powerful peptides, ideal for wrinkles.

    *AQUA STEM CELL-Contains various plant extracts, ideal for clients with dry skin.

    Synopsis of treatment

    Procedure time-2 hours
    Sensitivity Period - 72 hours
    male or female-both
    Full Recovery-immediate estimated
    risks and complications-redness,swelling
    back to work-within 24 hours
    results-visible immediately,improve over next 2 weeks
    duration of results-3 sessions required for results to last for 6 months
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