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Acne tends to affect younger people more than older, but that does not mean that older people are exempt. It is a condition that is known around the world
and when a person is affected they would do almost anything to have it cured. It is now that a skin specialist will be required and treatment can begin. Regardless of age, the doctor will do all they can to advise things such as food to eat and types of washes to use.
Residents of Delhi and Mumbai will have access to some of the best treatment there is and this is not just while they are suffering from acne. Once the spots have cleared up there will often be scars left behind and this will be unsightly and drain confidence from the sufferer.
The first step may be the hardest as there will be the fear that nothing can be done. At one time this would be the case, but recent developments have led to many new treatments and many people getting back the skin that they always wanted.
At this stage, an acne doctor will view the skin and decide what will be done with regards to scar removal. The sooner the treatment takes place, the quicker the patient will be back to normal. It will be a specialist who carries out the treatment, and they will be widely experienced when it comes to acne treatment and scar removal. It is not possible to say that the acne will never come back, but for the time being skin will be perfect.

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At Metamorphosis, we have expertise in treating acne of varying degrees. There is a wide range of treatment options which can significantly reduce or altogether get rid of acne in most cases. Recent advances in technology have enabled the development of several procedures that can reduce acne scars and radically improve the appearance of individuals who have serious cases of acne.
Ozone therapy: This treatment works on the simple principle of targeting and completely eliminating the bacteria present in active acne.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion : Some cosmetic procedures, like Microdermabrasion and chemical peels, which are used to lessen the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and minor facial scars , also prove to be quite helpful in treating acne in combination with other acne treatments.

Acne-scar treatment: Chemical Peels, fillers, Microdermabrasion, IPL intense light therapy and laser resurfacing are just some of the methods used for treating acne scars.


This facial is essentially done to provide skin dewy, more youthful and radiant look. It gives a matte finish to skin which refers to less o

  • Chemical Peel – This involves application of a medicated gel solution that decreases new acne formation, decreases oil gland activity and acne blemishes. It also helps in resurfacing acne scars. This requires neither actual peeling nor downtime, and is painless.
  • Mesotherapy Treatment – This is a painless, microinjection procedure that delivers vitamins, minerals and various medications directly into the required layers of skin, thus reducing pigmentation and resurfacing acne scars.
  • Dermaroller – This is a micro-medical needling procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally; eventually creating a smoother, brighter skin and reduced post – acne blemishes and scarring.
  • Skin Polishing (Microdermabrasion) – It is a procedure that uses ultraclean crystals to remove the superficial dead layer of skin, causing a decrease in blemishes and helping in scar resurfacing.
  • Pores Cleansing Treatment – This is a combination of skin polishing followed by a marine extract mask infused with pure oxygen and enriching vitamins and minerals.
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