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Eyebrow Shaping

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Eyebrows frame your face, giving your facial features character and definition. Eyebrows which are too thin can make you look older, while messy, unkempt eyebrows can make your features look less refined.

Do you suffer from the dreaded mono-brow? Or what about eyebrows which bleed into your hairline?

Previously, eyebrow hair removal meant painful waxing and plucking, often resulting in redness, itching and even ingrown hairs.
Even worse, you had to wait until the messy hair had grown back before you could remove the eyebrow hair again!

At METAMORPHOSIS CLINIC, we specialise in unwanted eyebrow removal, removing hair from in between your brows or hair which bleeds into your hairline. Our laser eyebrow hair removal is quick, almost painless and you do not have to wait for the hair to appear before having your next treatment. Imagine permanently defined, neat eyebrows? Book your appointment now, and refine your features with perfectly defined eyebrows.

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General FAQ

Now, laser eyebrow hair removal quicker and less repetitive. Unlike waxing and plucking, it takes about 5 minutes to take care of an area such as around your eyebrows. Plus, it only takes a few treatments to permanently remove unwanted eyebrow hair.

Hair removal on the eyebrows will require a few treatments, decided by your hair type and skin colour. Sessions are performed every 5-6 weeks until the hair stops growing

Eyebrow hair removal works using Photothermolysis, or light converted into heat, which harms the hair follicle, eventually rendering it sterile. This means no more waxing, plucking, wax burns or ingrown hairs, permanently!

Laser hair removal works on almost everyone, regardless of sex, or skin type. But you will need at least a few sessions, and one or two touch up sessions annually to keep that stubborn hair at bay.

Our Laser technology is equipped with Dynamic Cooling, which makes laser hair removal practically without pain. Afterwards, you may feel mildly red and sunburned, but this goes away quickly.

You must ensure you do not pluck or wax your regrowth after your eyebrow hair removal treatments.But you can shave if you need to. But remember, it is not necessary to wait until the eyebrow hair reappears to have your next session.

We are known for our permanent hair removal on the eyebrows, because we are honest with you. We will not give you unrealistic expectations, or promise anything we can’t 100% deliver. So find out all about permanent eyebrow hair removal, contact us now!

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