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Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement is a non surgical procedure which will give natural hair within 2 hours. This technique is practiced normally when existing hair are in sides and back only and front & crown of the scalp area is almost bald. Hair Replacement is also considered an option for people suffering from a range of hair & scalp illnesses like alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis etc.In this technique we put a hair unit of natural hair to cover the bald area . Hair Replacement is the fastest and most thorough way to get your hair back. . After fixing the unit we can make different styles on that unit according to the clients previous style or according to his personality. There are 4 methods of fixing the hair unit in that particular area.


Bonding method: in this method we use glue on the border of the unit & fix it on the scalp. Clients have to come once in a month for maintenance of the unit.

Hair Weaving: In weaving method we weave the unit with the existing natural hair by making a thin base with thread only. Maintenance time is approx 45-50 days.

Microwefting or Clipping Method: In clipping method hair unit is locked with your existing hair through specially designed clips that can hold 5 to 7 strands of your existing hair. It’s easy to maintain & does not require any professional service or follow up. Since this technique is a topical and external cosmetic attachment there are no side effects. Clients can manage the unit easily in his daily life. You can shampoo, colour, cut or style them like your own hair. The unit is a complete net base and hair is knotted in that net. It’s transparent & very soft quality net means that air or water can pass easily and it is also comfortable to the scalp.

General FAQ

It is usually best if the hair system sits on a shaved surface in order for the base materials to disappear on your skin and also for a perfect fit and comfort. The area that the hair system is designed for usually already has thin density due to hair loss so shaving in that area is not a big loss and besides no one will see that area without hair since you will be wearing your system.

Many clients use a hair system while their transplanting is being performed. If the density of the transplants in the front is thick enough, a system can be placed behind them.

We design systems with human hair that exactly match your hair texture.

Most of our unit will last 1-2 years each depending on the client’s styling and maintenance techniques. Having two systems will give you 3-4 years of hair.

No. Your hair won’t tangle with the unit.

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